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Last week HCAN activists joined a half million people across the country

Last week HCAN activists joined a half million people across the country to prevent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the owner of Zuccotti Park from evicting thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters. As a result of your quick action, Mayor Bloomberg and Brookfield Inc. backed down and the Occupy movement continues to grow.

Thanks to the rapid response of AFL-CIO, CREDO, MoveOn.org,
Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Rebuild the Dream, The Other
98%, USAction and dozens of other groups,
 Occupy Wall Street
supporters generated 500,000 petition signatures and thousands of calls
and tweets.

Watch and share this great video from MoveOn.org as the 5,000 protesters celebrate word of their victory.

Video from MoveOn.org of Occupy Wall Street Victory
marks one month since Occupy Wall Street began. In only four weeks the
Occupy movement has gone global, spreading from Wall Street to 100
cities across America and an incredible 951 cities in 82 countries.
Occupy support could be found even in a remote corner of the Alaskan
tundra and on a Hawaiian beach.

Last week was an important victory and the battle of the people versus
unbridled corporate greed continues. We will keep you posted on our next
steps in the fight for The 99 Percent.
In Solidarity,

Melinda Gibson

Health Care for America Now

P.S. Join us in Washington DC on November 4th for the Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In.

Paul Krugman … Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America

Republicans are scared and angry. Scared that voters will know the truth about their plan to end Medicare. Angry that you and I are exposing it.

They aren’t just sitting back and complaining about it, they are threatening legal action and demanding TV stations take the ad off the air.

Comcast’s response: We’re not pulling it.

Our ad is working! Please contribute $5 right now so we can INCREASE our ad buy and keep Republicans on defense.


Here’s a snippet of the letter the National Republican Congressional Committee and Charlie Bass sent to TV stations running our new ad in New Hampshire:

The Advertisement states, in pertinent part, that “Charlie Bass voted to END Medicare.” This is completely false… a vote in favor of the [Paul Ryan] Budget Resolution was a vote to protect Medicare for future seniors.

We urge you not to ascent to this political ploy… broadcasting stations are not protected from legal liability for airing a false and misleading advertisement…

So is the ad true? Of course it is. Help keep it on the air. But don’t just take it from me or our partners at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. Here’s the New York Times’ Paul Krugman on our ad:

What’s In A Name? A lot, or at least that’s what Republicans think. Greg Sargent reports that they’re demanding that a TV station stop running ads saying that the GOP wants to end Medicare; the claim is that this is a lie, because the new program the GOP wants to impose in place of Medicare is still Medicare.

As Greg says, this is important — because if they can get away with this, it will amount to a serious infringement of free speech, preventing people from running truthful ads.

Because the fact is that Republicans are trying to end Medicare. The program we now call Medicare is one in which the government acts as your insurer, paying your major medical bills; coverage is guaranteed to all seniors. The program Republicans want gives you vouchers and tells you to go buy your own insurance, if you can. That’s not at all the same thing.

…So you can call the new thing Medicare; you could also call an onion a rose. But a non-rose by the same name does not smell as sweet.

Paul Krugman is right and we must make sure every single voter knows what the Republicans are trying to do.

If we can raise $50,000 by Monday morning we can increase our ad buy to run all week.Contribute now to make it happen.

Thank you for everything you do.


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

Charlie Bass… a message from Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America

“When Congressman Charlie Bass voted to end Medicare; that was an attack on New Hampshire families like mine.”

Jane Brickett is a Social Worker in New Hampshire’s North Country. She has a disability and if she didn’t have Medicare the doctor bills could bankrupt her.

She’s one of the lucky ones. If Republicans succeed in destroying Medicare, Jane’s children might be able to find a way to save her house and keep food on the table. Thousands of others seniors and children depending on Medicare and Medicaid won’t be so lucky.

It’s time to make sure New Hampshire voters know what Charlie Bass has done. We’ve created another hard hitting ad with our friends at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee showcasing a personal story a real person. Please contribute now to keep the ad on the air.

Watch the ad and keep it on the air

Republicans will end Medicare if we don’t stop them and nothing will hurt Republican Charlie Bass more than the truth.

Let’s make sure there isn’t a single person in his district who hasn’t heard Jane’s story.

Contribute now and keep it on the air

Thank you for everything you do.


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

Wisconsin update -Kristina Powell, Democracy for America

Wisconsin Republicans know they went too far in their attacks on unions and middle class families — so they’re changing election laws to protect themselves.

With six Republican State Senators facing recall, the right-wing Republican majority forced through a new voter ID law that would disenfranchise students, the poor, and the elderly — all groups who vote Democratic — ahead of this summer’s elections.

This is just another Republican attack in their war on working families. That’s why we’re building a people-powered campaign to beat them. We’re putting staff on the ground to organize volunteers, knock on doors, make phone calls and run radio and TV ads featuring real Wisconsin families.

Their campaign is fueled by big corporate money. But our campaign is fueled by grassroots volunteers and small contributions from thousands of DFA members. We can’t afford to wait any longer to start building our campaign. We need to hit the ground running and we can’t do it without you.


This Republican attack on their constituents’ right to vote is shameful not just because it’s wrong, but also because it’s so blatant.

They’re not only requiring college students to bring a photo ID — they’re requiring them to bring recent tuition receipts if they’re using a college ID.

They’re not only imposing new residency requirements on voters — they’re also not providing any time or money to local offices to educate voters on the new laws.

Republicans are scared — that’s why they’re launching this attack on people’s voting rights. They know that they crossed a line and that they’re in for a tough fight this summer. Please contribute today and help send a clear message to right-wing Republicans in Wisconsin and across the country — attack the middle class and you lose.


Thank you for everything you do.


Kristina Powell, Finance Director

Democracy for America

History in Wisconsin

Today, we made history in Wisconsin.

WI Democrats — supported by over 2,600 DFA volunteers on the ground — submitted over 150% of the signatures needed to demand the recall election of the 5th Republican State Senator: Alberta Darling.

This is unprecedented. In the history of Wisconsin there have been only 4 recall elections ever. Now, in just the last two months, we’ve legally required 5.

Republicans from Madison to Washington D.C. are watching every single step of this fight and we’re not going to let up until we win. With signature gathering continuing for the 3 Republicans left who are eligible for recall, it’s vital we keep covering TV with our hard-hitting real people ad. If we hit $600,000 by Friday night, we’ll be able to stay on the air in target districts through the end of next week. Please contribute now to make it happen.


Our TV ad, which we created with our friends at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, features life-long Republican voter Mike Crump.

“As a Republican my entire life I’m appalled at what Scott Walker and the Republicans did. This hurts my family. It’s about my kids in school.”

Mike is one of the many reasons MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Cenk Uygur have all praised our Wisconsin ads. It’s also why local activists in Wisconsin have asked us to keep it on TV.

Please watch the ad and contribute now.


Thanks to the support we’ve had so far from DFA members nationwide, we’re closer than ever to flipping the WI Senate and stopping Governor Walker’s anti-families agenda.

Working together with our members on the ground, we won’t stop until we win.Thank you for everything you do.


Jim Dean, Chair

Democracy for America