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President Obama urges Congress to act on the “To Do List,” specifically highlighting the need to invest in clean energy by extending and expanding tax credits that support clean energy manufacturing. May 24, 2012.More

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Charlotte 2012

A Message from the Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee - Visit for more info.
Dear Charlotte in 2012 Supporter,Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to attend many Democratic Conventions. Both as a fresh out of college volunteer and throughout my tenure in Congress, I have seen a lot of behind the scenes moments, floor votes, and celebrations that make each convention special. I want to share a few of my own memorable moments with you.

Watch my Convention memory video here.

Like my post as a “security guard,” Conventions always rely on people to help make them run. The 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina is no different. Because this Convention is the first in modern history NOT to be funded by corporations and lobbyists, we are relying on a grassroots network of support that includes you. Every dollar that you put towards this Convention makes our grassroots network of individuals that much stronger and engages more Americans in this process.

Click here to watch other Convention Memory videos from Convention CEO Steve Kerrigan and me.

I hope you’ll consider investing or reinvesting in this Convention. Whether it is $5, $10 or $25, you are the reason the first week of September will be a success. We cannot do it without you.

Please watch and then give what you can right now.


Representative Steny Hoyer House Minority Whip

Stand with Wisconsin



Wisconsinites need our help in recalling Gov. Scott Walker and other extreme lawmakers.
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Wisconsin holds a special place in my heart. I grew up in the suburbs outside Milwaukee in a small town called Mequon. Though my family moved to Michigan when I was in high school, I still consider Wisconsin home in many ways and I want to see its people succeed.

When Gov. Scott Walker launched his attack on working families and Wisconsin communities last year, I wanted to find ways I could help. That’s why I will be using the new Friends and Neighbors (FAN) tool in the coming weeks to get the word out to friends and other Wisconsinites about recalling Walker and other anti-working family candidates on June 5.

Will you join me in signing up for free for the FAN tool to make calls from home to help stop the destructive Walker agenda?

A recent poll shows the race is a dead heat1 and it is going to come down to the side that turns out the most people from now until June 5.

Walker and his political allies are relying on millions in out-of-state donations from corporate donors and right-wing billionaires to blanket the state with misleading ads.

They may have unlimited money, but we can cut through the noise by having real conversations with Wisconsinites about how Walker’s policies are wrong for them and their communities.

Click here now to sign up for the FAN and get started connecting with Wisconsin voters.

Let’s show Walker in these final weeks leading up to the recall elections on June 5 that working families in Wisconsin and across the country are more united than ever and ready to stand against the extreme policies that are leading our country in the wrong direction.

In Solidarity,

Andy Richards
New Media Strategist, AFL-CIO

P..S. Need some more motivation? Check out this video that recently surfaced of Walker talking about his strategy to “divide and conquer” working families.


Sign the petition to end fossil fuel subsidies

From June 20-22, the eyes of the world will be on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. World leaders, drawn by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (aka “Rio+20”), will decide how to deal with a broad range of issues that affect the environment. Earth Day Network will be there to make sure your voices are heard.

You can learn more at

Rio+20 offers a chance to jumpstart the green economy and chart a course to a sustainable future. But this will be next to impossible if fossil fuel subsidies continue hampering the progress of clean energy technology.

Please sign this petition asking leaders at Rio+20 to create a plan to phase out fossil fuel subsidies around the world. And then share the petition with friends.

– The Earth Day Network Team