President Obama Speaks … Tax Credits

President Obama calls on Congress to pass a tax credit for small businesses that are hiring new employees or raising the wages and salaries of their existing employees to help spur economic growth, the third item on the President’s job-creating To Do List for Congress. May 16, 2012.More

Reducing greenhouse gas pollution … Gabe Wisniewski, Greenpeace

Reducing greenhouse gas pollution is one of the most urgent things for our government to do.

Tell the EPA we need stronger rules to protect us from climate change.

The effects of climate change are everywhere. Historically warm winters, killer heat waves and droughts, and 100-year storms have hammered our country in recent years.

Still, power plants in the US are allowed to spew unlimited carbon pollution, which is driving us closer to runaway climate change.

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has finally proposed the first ever rule to change this. Unfortunately, to be as effective as possible, this rule needs to be strengthened significantly.

The rule — known as the Carbon Pollution Standard — limits the amount of carbon pollution that new coal-fired power plants are allowed to emit. Unfortunately, the rule is full of loopholes and applies only to new power plants that are unlikely to be built in the first place. The rule does nothing to reduce carbon pollution from existing sources.

The EPA is now accepting public comments. This is your chance to let the EPA know you want the loopholes closed, the rule finalized and for them to get to work on limiting the coal fired power plants that actually exist.

Tell the EPA: We need strong legal limits to protect us from existing and future sources of carbon pollution.

Coal-fired power plants are the largest single source of carbon pollution in the US. If we don’t put a limit on the amount of climate change causing pollution they are allowed to spew into the air then things are only going to get worse.

Greenpeace and other groups have been working in communities across the country to close down these dirty old plants and stop new ones from being built altogether. We’ve been extremely successful, but we need a strong ruling from the EPA on this issue to fully address climate change.

Americans, have an important role to play in the final outcome of this rule. Almost 200,000 Greenpeace supporters have already submitted their comments to the EPA. Take a minute and add your voice to that list.

Tell the EPA: We need strong legal limits to protect us from existing and future sources of carbon pollution.


Gabe Wisniewski
Greenpeace USA Coal Campaign Director

Healthy Women’s Action Kit Featured in “Dear Abby”

Order a FREE Healthy Women’s Action Kit as featured in “Dear Abby.”We’re offering these publications in honor of Women’s Health Week. The kit provides the information you need to:

  • Manage your cholesterol, blood pressure, and risk for diabetes
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Tell Congress to fix … The medical-device safety bill

Today's consumer action:

Fix the Flaw!The medical-device safety bill is coming up for a major vote, and it still has a gaping loophole! Tell your Senators to Fix the Flaw!Take action

You wouldn’t buy a new car with a known safety defect. You’d expect the problem to be fixed first.

So why is Congress planning to let medical device manufacturers keep selling implants – from hip replacements to heart defibrillators to surgical mesh – without having them fix the safety flaw first?

Tell your Senators and Representative: Fix the Flaw!

This week the Senate could vote on the bill that sets safety standards for the medical device industry. Lobbyists have managed to keep this gaping safety loophole from being fixed in the bill, and we need consumers to speak out today before it’s too late.

Manufacturers love the loophole because they can put an implant on the market just by showing that it’s ‘substantially equivalent’ to one already approved – even if the implant they’re modeling it on was recalled for safety problems! And the FDA can’t make the company prove they’ve fixed the flaw or do clinical safety testing before the device is sold to you!

The consequences are serious. Tens of thousands of women have various vaginal mesh implants inside them based on a 1999 recalled product. Last year the FDA warned about bleeding, infections and organ perforation from the mesh deteriorating, and many women require multiple surgeries to repair the damage. The FDA should have the authority to demand flaws like these be fixed before allowing the devices to be sold.

Congress: Fix the Flaw with medical devices, and hold industry responsible for safety!

It’s important you get your Senators’ attention on this matter, or the loophole might just slip quietly through. Consumers’ emails have already made the safety bills stronger, so please forward this to others so they can add their voice to this critical issue.

Lisa McGiffert,

Senator Patty Murray & Education – Washington State

Keeping College Affordable

Last week, I joined with students and administrators at South Seattle Community College to host a rally in support of the Stop the Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Act of 2012. Unless Congress acts, interest rates for over 100,000 students across Washington state will double on July 1 st , which would add $1,000 to the cost of these loans for millions of Americans and will be one more strain for students and families already fighting to afford college in this tough economy. At the rally, I called on Republicans to end their filibuster of this bill and work with Democrats to keep rates low for millions of students. I will continue to fight to make sure we avoid the automatic increase on July 1 st. We should be working to make it easier for students to afford college, not harder.

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“Senator Murray rallies SSCC students to fight for student loan interest rate protection
West Seattle Herald


Continuing to Push for Stronger Violence Against Women Legislation

Last week, House Republicans released their version of the Violence Against Women Act. The House bill, which passed with only Republican support and with strong bipartisan opposition, not only stripped the Senate version of the bill’s provisions making needed progress for LGBT, immigrant, and tribal victims, but also included dangerous rollbacks of existing protections for immigrant victims.

I believe the House Republican version of VAWA is a giant step backward for victims of domestic violence. This is dangerous and irresponsible and leaves women across the country more vulnerable to domestic abuse. Where a person lives, who they love, or what their citizenship status may be should not determine whether or not their perpetrators are brought to justice. I’m glad that in the Senate we were able to come together around an inclusive, bipartisan bill, and I remain committed to fighting to make sure my colleagues in the House of Representatives will do the same. We’ve made a lot of progress since VAWA was first passed in 1994, and I hope that my Republican colleagues will not insist on putting partisan politics ahead of protecting victims of domestic violence. I will continue to fight in support of the Senate’s bipartisan bill, and to make sure that Republicans do not turn back the clock on the important progress that has been made.

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Celebrating the Anniversary of Title IX

Megan Rapinoe, midfielder for the Seattle Sounders Women, recalling how Title IX opened the door for her as a young athlete.

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of joining with members of the Seattle Sounders Women and student athletes at Garfield High School in Seattle to mark the upcoming 40 th anniversary of Title IX, historic legislation that fundamentally changed the lives of women and girls across the country by allowing them equal access to athletic opportunities. Members of the Sounders Women talked about the ways this legislation helped open doors for them when they were younger, and I discussed legislation I am currently cosponsoring The High School Sports Information Collection Act in the Senate , that will strengthen the rights provided by Title IX, to ensure that future generations of young women are able to continue expanding opportunities and leveling the playing field.

“Sen. Murray teams up with Sounders Women to discuss Title IX”
– Bothell Reporter