Your role in another historic victory for the U’wa!

The U’wa indigenous people of Colombia became world-famous in the 1990’s for successfully stopping Occidental Petroleum from drilling in their territory. The U’wa cosmovision of oil as the “Blood of Mother Earth” captured the world’s imagination and galvanized an international grassroots solidarity movement.

Now the U’wa have won another historic victory with Amazon Watch supporters like you playing a key role. When you choose to become a Monthly Sustainer, you commit to partnerships for real change.

Once again, we provided vital international support to the U’wa as they successfully challenged the Magallanes gas project. The gas platform constructed on U’wa ancestral territory without their consent was recently dismantled!

You play a key role in these partnerships and victories for human rights, for the rainforest, and for our planet.

carmen, we win when we each commit to support our partners in their courageous fight for the earth and a sustainable future for all people.

The U’wa will continue to look to Amazon Watch for partnership and support. Please support our work with the U’wa and other frontline communities to protect more than 60 million acres of rainforest from oil development and mega-dams.

Thank you!

Leila Salazar-López
Executive Director