Vice President Gore Explains How the Clean Energy Revolution Gives Him Hope

“If you see a turtle on a fence post, you can be pretty sure it didn’t get there by itself.”
– Former US Vice President Al GoreWatch Vice President Gore explain how this is also true for those denying the reality of the climate crisis.
The majority of Americans believe the climate crisis is real. So why is the White House enacting policies that could roll back some of the progress we’ve made toward solutions?

The reason: Special interest groups, with funding and support from Big Polluters, have spent decades on well-coordinated campaigns to spread doubt in the media and sway public opinion about the reality of the crisis.

But the American people know better, and are stepping up and speaking out to support expanding the clean energy solutions that could end the climate crisis.

Watch the video below to hear Vice President Gore explain how some carbon polluters are spreading doubt about the true nature of climate change and how the clean energy revolution gives him hope for the future.


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a message from gov Inslee … why I did it

Jay Inslee


Last week, I made a hard decision, but it’s one I am proud of.

I vetoed a tax cut for businesses that was passed in the dark of night — a tax cut that would let businesses pay less, just as we’re asking hardworking families to pay more for our children’s education. Worse yet, 21% of the revenue of this cut would have been given to out-of-state oil companies, and there was absolutely no accountability.

This part of the bill was, simply, unfair. It cannot be justified or excused to raise taxes on hardworking families while lowering taxes for businesses. This is revenue that could be used for our schools, our early learning programs, college tuition, and public safety. This is revenue that could be used to meet our Washington citizens’ needs — not pad the pockets of Big Oil.

Here’s the thing: Republicans knew this would cause outrage. That’s why they tried to slip this into the budget in the dead of night. They knew it wouldn’t fly if debated publicly. And that’s why they’ve been attacking me since the veto, holding the legislative process hostage, and trying to build support to overturn my veto.

Please stand with me — for fairness, for Washington families, and for our kids. Voice your support now.

Please, sign on to show your support for my veto of a tax cut for businesses, at the same time we’re asking Washington families to pay more.

Thank you for helping me.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

Your DA needs to see this

Hundreds of District Attorneys are coming together to set their agenda

Sign onto the 5 demands to keep our communities safe.



This weekend, hundreds of District Attorneys from all over the country are coming together for a summit in the same city where Philando Castile was killed. And Black organizers and activists are coming together for a counterprotest–the Mobilization and Counter-Conference for Safety and Liberation–to hold them accountable to justice over convictions. Because fueling mass incarceration doesn’t keep our communities safer.

The National District Attorney Association plays a major role in shaping the prosecutorial practices that DA offices across the country adhere to–and this upcoming summit is a big moment to influence the message that prosecutors in attendance are hearing. That’s why we’re joining the Black Freedom Cohort, a coalition of Black-led organizations, to deliver 5 critical demands to them in person. Will you add your name?

Tell the NDAA: Stop pushing lock em’ up tactics that fuel mass incarceration and #DecarcerateDA.

Here are the five demands we’ll be delivering to the NDAA:

  • Encourage all NDAA members to end the practice of direct file, which automatically places juveniles in adult courts.
  • All NDAA members should commit to considering immigration consequences for defendants as part of determining what to charge, and not to prosecute immigrants for minor offenses.
  • Advise members to commit to using independent prosecutors to investigate cases of police brutality.
  • All NDAA members should support an end to money bail and use a risk assessment system to determine when someone needs to be incarcerated.
  • All NDAA members should develop a restorative justice program in their county which will serve as an alternative to incarceration, including for those people that commit violent offenses.

Prosecutors have one of the most powerful positions in the criminal justice system–yet 85% of them run unopposed.1 Aside from having control over the decisions that can make or break someone’s life, they have executive power over the hundreds of staff and prosecutors running cases in our city and county courts. They have deeply coordinated relationships with the police, judges, and a big influence on legislation. Especially in the Trump era, when we’re seeing a resurgence of racially coded “Law & Order” tactics and violent persecution of immigrant families, the choices District Attorneys make are even more important.

We need more than talk about progressive policies, we need real concrete plans and commitments to stop putting so many Black and Brown people in cages. Because the persistence of high crime in the most heavily policed areas tells us one thing: criminalizing the most vulnerable of us doesn’t keep us safe.

Sign the petition.

Until justice is real,

— Rashad, Arisha, Scott, Clarise, Anay, Malaya, Enchanta, Katrese, and the rest of the Color Of Change team.


1. “Does It Matter That 95% of Elected Prosecutors Are White?,” NPR, 07-08-2015