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It’s shocking that 25 years after Erin Brockovich’s work to expose chromium-6 contamination in Hinkley, Calif., the carcinogenic chemical remains completely unregulated at the federal level. EWG’s updated report reveals that more than 250 million Americans drink tap water contaminated with chromium-6.

Widespread Chromium-6 Contamination: Learn More


Once you’ve identified the contaminants of concern in your drinking water, make sure you check out EWG’s Water Filter Guide to find a filter that works for you and is certified to remove the specific contaminants in your tap water.

EWG's Water Filter Guide: Check Tt Out


See how your state stacks up! Check out water results by stateto see how many contaminants were found in your state’s drinking water and browse the results of the state’s largest utilities.

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Agricultural pollution is a huge source of drinking water contamination for millions of Americans across the country. Our research report, Farming and Your Tap Water, shows that almost 8.4 million people are drinking water contaminated with atrazine, an herbicide linked to hormone disruption. Learn more about how farming may affect your tap water and what we can do to better protect waterways in rural areas.

Farming and Tap Water

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