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While the entire country rallies to break the NRA’s stranglehold on our laws, Amazon and Apple are giving them an even bigger platform — streaming NRA TV. NRA TV is the media mouthpiece of the powerful gun lobby, blocking the regulation we need to keep our children safe. But now, the tech giants are deciding whether to put our children first and dump the NRA. Let’s make sure they do it.


I’m a mother of two young children. Alongside the basics of math and reading, their teachers run mass shooting drills. Should the worst happen, one of my girls is the child responsible for locking the classroom door.It doesn’t have to be like this.

Most of us are desperate for gun control, but the NRA blocks it no matter what the cost. Now they’ve got new television network to derail public debate, spread lies, and stop sensible regulation. And it can exist because Amazon and Apple stream it. 

But now the tech giants are deciding whether to dump the NRA. Consumer pressure is already working, with 10 major corporations ditching them in just a week! Now Amazon and Apple are feeling the heat of a nation that’s had enough. Let’s demand they step up and pull the plug.

Click to tell Amazon and Apple: Dump the NRA!

NRA TV is the media arm of the lobby group backed by gun manufacturers. Their goal is to flood our streets, schools, and homes with guns because they profit off of our deaths. 

In the wake of mass gun massacres, they flood the airways with lies (“no new law would have stopped this”) and help inflate gun ownership (“we need more good guys with guns”), introducing crazy concepts like giving teachers guns to carry at school. And it works. Legislators in Florida — the state of the latest school shooting — just advanced a proposal to arm teachers with guns.

It has to stop.

Amazon and Apple make editorial decisions all the time about what programs they will and won’t carry. Let’s demand that they stop putting profits above lives and pull the plug on Gun TV!

Click to tell Amazon and Apple: Dump the NRA!

I couldn’t sleep the night of the Parkland shooting. I lay awake next to my 7 year-old daughter and thought about what we could do. The next morning, the Avaaz team launched 3 Billboards for Marco Rubio  — a message of accountability to the Florida Senator who is in the pocket of the NRA after accepting more than $3 million from them. It went viral across the world, covered everywhere from CNN to Stephen Colbert, and the Senator was even forced to speak about the billboards on a televised interview.

We are powerful when we come together. We move people at the highest level. Let’s come together to do what this moment demands and shut down the NRA.

With hope and appreciation,

Dalia and the rest of the Avaaz team

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