Student gun walkout makes right-wing media furious

Student gun walkout makes right-wing media furiousStudents across the country staged walkouts to demand action on gun violence. Right-wing media were furious.

  • Tucker Carlson compared the students to Mao’s Red Guards.
  • Carlson also said that teachers can’t have sex with students, so they should not talk about guns with them either.
  • Ben Shapiro said that “They are activating these kids, and putting them out on the front lines, and putting them in photo ops, so that they can essentially use them as political human shields.”
  • After boasting about his racial purity, Sean Hannity maligned the students, saying the entire thing was just an effort to get teenagers to vote for Democrats in the fall.
  • Senior Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter retweeted an account criticizing the female protesters’ appearances and called them “future beta bait.”
  • National Rifle Association national spokesperson Dana Loesch told Fox & Friends hosts that the protests were the result of some in the “political class … trying to exploit this six ways to Sunday.”

Expect more of this next week when the kids and their families lead the March For Our Lives in Washington, DC.

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Watch a student on National Walkout Day call out the NRA on the steps of the U.S. Capitol: “We refuse to learn in fear.”

#TeresaTuesdays – Lifting Youth Voices (and Getting Results), Domestic Workers, and more!

Students: The Leaders of Today

Last Wednesday, I joined students from across Seattle who are leading the movement to end gun violence at UW’s Red Square who walked-out to memorialize the 17 people killed in Florida, protest inaction, and demand meaningful change on gun safety. Students spoke out, registered to vote, pre-registered to vote, and demanded action of elected officials locally and nationally. I have signed the pledge to stand up to the NRA, refused to ever take one cent from them, and demand change to policies that protect the status quo – just as the students demanded. These students are proving that they are not the leaders of tomorrow – they are the leaders of today.
“No More Silence, End Gun Violence!”

I will be introducing a resolution on Monday in opposition to the federal Congressional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act (HR38 and S446). This federal act would override state laws, by forcing each state to honor concealed carry permits from every other state, irrespective of the strength of one set of laws over another. Washington State has some of the strictest gun responsibility regulations in the country, and this congressional legislation would weaken our state’s values by allowing gun owners from states with significantly less-stringent regulations to conceal-carry weapons in our city.

Too many schools and communities across our nation have endured terrible losses, from Littleton, CO, to Newton, CT, Mukilteo, WA, and now Parkland, FL. As long as Congress is unwilling to enact common-sense laws, so we must act locally. I applaud other cities like San Diego, New Orleans, Philadelphia and New York and many others for joining the fight! Thank you to the students, families and community for demanding change.

Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights

Standing In Solidarity with Seattle Domestic Workers’ Alliance During a Pre-Committee Rally, Thursday, March 15, 2018
During my last committee meeting, we heard from those who take care of our kiddos as nannies and those who take care of our homes as housekeepers, among many other Domestic Workers who are leading the call for a Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights. Workers discussed the lack of minimum wage, sick leave, and protections, along with incidences of harassment and assault, and spoke up about how they want to see these statistics change by improving the lives of around 33,000 Domestic Workers in Seattle. The Seattle Domestic Workers Alliance released a new Seattle-based report that highlights what many workers face on a daily basis, and called for a bill of rights to protect workers in this industry. A startling excerpt from this report:
Eight other states have passed bills of rights for Domestic Workers, we can do this here in Seattle!

We’ll be working on legislation in the coming months, informed by conversations with workers, community advocates and other states that have passed domestic workers’ policies. I am excited to be collaborating with my colleague, Councilmember M. Lorena González, along with Mayor Durkan and the rest of City Council, to help protect these workers and amplify their voices. We will be ensuring that, once again, Seattle leads the way on strong labor policies as domestic workers are among our most vulnerable workforce.

“It is their labor that makes all other work in the city possible!” – Home Equity: Inequality and Exclusions Facing Domestic Workers in Seattle

This Friday: A Council Conversation on Early Learning and Education

Did you know that the Seattle Preschool Program and the Families & Education Levies are up for renewal this year? Join me this Friday, along with Councilmembers Lorena González and Rob Johnson, as we discuss priorities for what the renewal will look like. The renewal must meet our goals to ensure equity in education – from birth to graduation, and beyond!

We hope to learn from you as we work to identify and drive policies, programs, and resources that will support early learners, students, educators, and families most impacted by the pervasive opportunity gap in Seattle. Click here to learn more and RSVP. We hope to see you there!

Get Involved!

Are you a renter? Consider joining the Seattle Renters’ Commission to provide advice to Council and the community on issues impacting renters across Seattle. Complete the online application by Monday, April 12 by 5 p.m. You can also contact Maureen Sheehan at (206) 684-0302 for an application or pick it up at Seattle Department of Neighborhoods in Seattle City Hall, 600 Fourth Avenue, 2nd floor, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Learn more about other potential opportunities here.

In Solidarity,

Teresa Mosqueda
Seattle City Council Councilmember, Position 8