Student gun walkout makes right-wing media furious

Student gun walkout makes right-wing media furiousStudents across the country staged walkouts to demand action on gun violence. Right-wing media were furious.

  • Tucker Carlson compared the students to Mao’s Red Guards.
  • Carlson also said that teachers can’t have sex with students, so they should not talk about guns with them either.
  • Ben Shapiro said that “They are activating these kids, and putting them out on the front lines, and putting them in photo ops, so that they can essentially use them as political human shields.”
  • After boasting about his racial purity, Sean Hannity maligned the students, saying the entire thing was just an effort to get teenagers to vote for Democrats in the fall.
  • Senior Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter retweeted an account criticizing the female protesters’ appearances and called them “future beta bait.”
  • National Rifle Association national spokesperson Dana Loesch told Fox & Friends hosts that the protests were the result of some in the “political class … trying to exploit this six ways to Sunday.”

Expect more of this next week when the kids and their families lead the March For Our Lives in Washington, DC.

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