Dirty crude oil eh? Tell WA officials we don’t want any of it ~Sierra Club

Tacoma WA Refinery

Earlier this year, a corporation called Par Pacific purchased US Oil in Tacoma, one of Washington state’s five refineries. Their plan is to expand the facility to accept more crude oil by tanker, rail, and possibly tar sands from the Trans Mountain pipeline. Tar sands are one of the dirtiest sources of oil on the planet. When they spill into water they are nearly impossible to clean up.

Thankfully we’ve got a chance to push back. The Department of Ecology is currently hosting an open public comment period to renew the refinery’s 401 water quality permit, which includes plans to protect us and our water sources from dirty oil. If enough of us submit comments to the Department of Ecology, they’ll have to push back on Par Pacific’s dirty plans. 

Thanks for all you do,
Victoria Leistman, Sierra Club
Organizing Representative