8/15 1994 – The U.S. Social Security Administration became an independent government agency. It had been a part of the Department of Health and Human Services agency. 

At a historic White House bill-signing ceremony on August
15 1994, Public Law 103-296-Social Security Independence
and Program Improvements Act of 1994-was signed into law.
President Bill Clinton symbolically used one of the pens President Franklin Roosevelt had used when he signed the original
Social Security Act 59 years ago, on August 14,1935. The new
legislation officially separates the Social Security Administration
(SSA) horn the Department of Health and Human Services
(HBS), effective March 3 1, 1995, and restores the SSA to its
original status as an independent Federal agency. (Since 1939,
SSA has operated under the direction of a “parent” agency.)
A single administrator will lead the agency with a seven-member
bipartisan advisory board. Also contained in the new law is a
number of other major changes affecting the Social Security and
supplemental security Income (SSI) programs.

for more go to ssa.gov    … a pdf file

did you know? … Our Environment


Climate Change chief victims of global warming are women, we grow the food, walk miles for water and gather the firewood.

Fend off Allergies … by eating more leafy greens, having high levels of folic acid may decrease your risk of wheezing and silence some genes, including those of the immune system. author,Elizabeth Matsui MD

Making a glass jar impacts our environment, you have to burn a gas furnace 24hrs at 2000 degrees, this consumes a  huge amount of energy.

According to the WTC wiping  your feet off before home entry can reduce tracking pesticides by 25%,removing shoes can cut the amount of dust by 10 times, clean carpets every 18months instead of every 12months and save $300

the EPA states the air indoors is 2 to 5times more polluted, install smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, open windows daily, buy air cleaning plants, english ivy, Philodendron, spider; green cleaning recipes at Planetgreen.discovery.com

Rachel Carson‘s book Silent Spring, an early voice for our environment in 1962..get it

Buy local … less packaging if you buy local, more fresh tasty choices …support local farmer’s markets and community gardens

Raising Beef accounts for 18% of global warming emissions worldwide

You can reduce your carbon footprint just by switching to vegetarian meals for 1day,save about 860calories &9pounds of carbon,if done for 2weeks, a reduction of carbon by 122pounds and 12,460calories, losing about 3lbs or more.