Indigenous People’s Day 2019

“Indigenous Peoples Day” rethinks about Columbus Day and changes a festival of expansionism into a chance to uncover authentic realities about the slaughter and abuse of indigenous peoples in the Americas, to sort out against current shameful acts, and to celebrate indigenous obstruction.

Indigenous People’s Day 2020
Replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day was conceived in 1977, at a U.N.- supported meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on oppression indigenous populaces in the Americas. After fourteen years, activists in Berkeley, CA, persuaded the

Berkeley City Council to pronounce October 12 a  “Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People.”

Henceforth, there has been a developing development to proper “Columbus Day” as “Indigenous People’s Day”; states, for example, South Dakota, Hawai’i, and Alaska have changed the holiday’s name When is Indigenous People’s Day and a lot more urban communities have made comparable move. Read more about the historical backdrop of Berkeley’s Indigenous Peoples Day.

possibly October 14, 2020