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Union of Concerned Scientists ~~ Today, is Food Day!

Union of Concerned Scientists

Today is Food Day!

To celebrate, I’m sharing a list of my “Top 10” favorite facts from recent UCS reports, including our brand new report, The Healthy Farmland Diet. The Healthy Farmland Diet is the first economic analysis of its kind to show how increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables would not only be healthier for our bodies, but also healthier for the environment and local economies. This report also demonstrates how modest government investments can remove obstacles standing in the way for consumers and farmers to reach this goal. So tell me: what’s your favorite science-based food fact? Use the links below to share it on Twitter to show your support of a healthier food and farm system! You can also share all 10 facts on Facebook or by forwarding this email.

Top 10 Food Facts

Share your favorite science-based fact to show your support for a healthier food and farm system in honor of Food Day!

1. Healthy farms=win-win-win for health/wellbeing of people, economies & natural resources we all depend onj.mp/1c0h1ib #FoodDay2013 Tweet this

2. Sales of locally grown food now total $5 BILLION/year. j.mp/1eNiV7u #FoodDay2013 Tweet this

3. Modest public investments in ~500 farmers markets/year could create >13K jobs over 5 years. j.mp/1aHULHx#FoodDay2013 Tweet this

4. Got (organic) milk? #Organic dairies = better for environment, consumer health & regional economies.j.mp/1aa5xLI #FoodDay2013 Tweet this

5. Shifting policy from supporting junk food to fruits/veg could save $17B in health costs. j.mp/HjDc8I#FoodDay2013 Tweet this

6. Burger with a side of…pills? j.mp/HjDuwq >70% of antibiotics sold in US are used in animal agriculture. #FoodDay2013 Tweet this

7. Only 2% of US cropland is devoted to fruit/veg. Time for smarter gov’t policies. j.mp/HdWQDK #FoodDay2013 Tweet this

8. If Americans ate fruit/veg according to @myplate, US production of fruit/veg would increase by 88%.j.mp/HdWQDK #FoodDay2013 Tweet this

9. Just 1 more serving of fruits/vegetables could save >30K lives/yr. j.mp/HjDc8I #FoodDay2013 Tweet this

10. Scientists have shown that cover crops can reduce nitrogen groundwater pollution by 40-70% j.mp/1c0h1ib#FoodDay2013 Tweet this As you can see, we’ve got the facts on our side AND we’re making progress because of it. Just last week, wedelivered a petition from more than 18,000 UCS supporters to House leadership urging them to proceed with the Farm Bill. They listened, and the Farm Bill process is now moving ahead. Moreover, President Obama listed the Farm Bill as one of his three near-term priorities. With all of this, we’ve got a lot to be excited about—and a lot of work to do. Join us, and this Food Day, share your favorite fact now for a healthier food and farm system!

Sincerely, Ashley Elles Ashley Elles National Field Organizer Food & Environment Program Union of Concerned Scientists

Call President Obama: Stop Monsanto’s GMO alfalfa

Call President Obama: Stop Monsanto‘s GMO alfalfa

We’ve just learned that the USDA is on the cusp of approving Monsanto’s genetically modified (GMO) Roundup Ready alfalfa for planting in the U.S. Should the approval go through, it would present a real danger of contamination to organic and other non-GMO alfalfa. And since alfalfa is a staple food for cattle, organic certifications of dairy, beef, and other foods would also be in jeopardy, as would be the livelihoods of organic farmers who produce them.

There’s still time to stop the approval, but we have to act fast and go straight to the top. Can you call President Obama today and ask him to reject the approval of GMO alfalfa?


The USDA has acknowledged the risk of contamination from GMO strains of the crop, but has presented an entirely unworkable plan that does little to control actual spread of modified genes. Under the USDA’s current proposal, engineered genes from Monsanto’s alfalfa would very likely still make their way into non-GMO crops. Since GMO pollen is carried by the wind, there’s nothing farmers can do about it.1

Many consumers trust and depend on the organic label to make decisions about what they eat. GMO alfalfa would undermine the integrity of the label and be a disaster for the organic dairy industry. Until thorough research has been completed to evaluate the potential impacts, the only acceptable solution is to keep Monsanto’s seeds off the market entirely.

Also at hand is the environmental impact of Monsanto’s other Roundup Ready crops, which have promoted the spread of herbicide-resistant superweeds on millions of acres. To fight these weeds, farmers end up using even more toxic chemicals that pollute our soil and water.2

The Obama Administration needs to stand up to Monsanto and Big Agriculture and protect organic products and producers.

You can help change the outcome of the USDA’s decision by making a call today.

Adam Klaus, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action

1 www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?contentidonly=true&contentid=2010/12/0667.xml
2 www.nytimes.com/2010/05/04/business/energy-environment/04weed.htm