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6 tips for putting your words to music –


I am not a songwriter but I love to read definitely hear the spoken word.

My interest is in the art of movement, specifically dance, but great words put on paper in innovative patterns can soothe invigorate irritate and make you feel good.

They also say, Music is said to soothe the savage beast least we talk about our souls

… So, since

we all love to love …

1) Make it personal because reading someone’s experience with love at first sight, first love, lust , a long term love or a one night stand brings a sense of connection folks sometimes look for and set to music can only enhance a good lyric ..right

2) Be yourself because as an avid reader and lover of music I do go out of my way to learn the lyrics to a song I like love and feel  the performer is genuine in their delivery and not trying to be something else,  can actually be heard seen felt through the spoken word

3) The kind of music that makes an impression on me also provides imagery a vision of something or what the song is about; even if it is abstract, the image is sort of like a coffee table object.  Always up for interpretation depending on who is listening reading or learning the lyrics … of course, when it comes to love … when someone is singing to you … take the time to listen; I heard that once and then again you may have heard the song but weren’t feeling the notes

 What gets folks onto the dance floor …

4) Rhymes Reason and Rhythm because who doesn’t like the art of movement …and more often than not that is what kind of music makes great artist move up into the stratosphere … in my opinion. I dance because I have to and anything that has a great hook a great bass  or syncopation definitely will get played more than once in my house. The rhythm of life

5) Always assume a video of your creation is a possibility so … be that visionary

🙂  Always believe you were born to make music  (:

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Public Transportation … and our future

Don Hazen – AlterNetlogo
Dear Friend,
Whether you use it or not, public transportation benefits everyone.
By reducing pollution, easing traffic congestion, and supporting local jobs, public transportationhelps our communities thrive and our economy grow. But we need continued investment in America’s public transit infrastructure to help ensure we’re prepared to meet the demands of a growing population—and to protect our environment.
If you agree, join Voices for Public Transit today!
By joining Voices for Public Transit, you can help us educate our lawmakers on the importance of supporting policies that encourage investment in public transit. Affordable, reliable public transportation helps:

  • Connect people to jobs, education, and other community service
  • Reduce air pollution and our carbon footprint
  • Ease traffic congestion
  • Create local jobs and strengthen our overall economy

Join Voices for Public Transit to join the debate over America’s public transportation.
America’s future depends on expanding our public transit infrastructure, and that will take investment and commitment from our elected officials. Show your support by joining Voices for Public Transit.
Together, we can strengthen and secure the future of America’s public transportation.
Voices for Public Transit

Art, made with code: calling all future interactive artists

In between creating masterpieces like the Sistine Chapel and “Madonna and Child,” Michelangelo dissected cadavers in the hopes of understanding how the human body worked so he could paint it accurately. He’s not the only one: there has long been a connection between science and art. And it’s true today more than ever, as modern artists use technology for inspiration, inventing ways to give life to code, letting it spill from the screen and onto the canvas. We call this “DevArt,” and this summer, we’re teaming up with the Barbican in London and their Digital Revolution exhibition to celebrate DevArt in an interactive gallery. And we want you to be a part of it.

As part of this exhibition, we’re looking for the next up-and-coming developer artist. This is your opportunity to express your creativity, and to have your work featured in the Barbican and seen by millions of people around the world. To throw your hat in the ring, build a project on the DevArt site and show us what you would create. From there, we’ll pick one creator whose work will sit alongside three of the world’s finest interactive artists who are also creating installations for DevArt: Karsten Schmidt, Zach Lieberman, and the duo Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet.

The exhibition will open at the Barbican this summer. Until then, visit g.co/devart, where you can submit your own project. If you’re not the creative coding type, visit the site to see some incredible art and follow the artists’ creative process—from concept and early sketches to the finished piece—on their respective Project Pages. You’ll get a rare look into artists’ ways of working with modern technologies (including some Google products), and maybe even get inspired to create something yourself.

If you had the chance to make your mark in today’s art world with technology as your canvas, what would you create? We’d like you to show us.
Posted by Steve Vranakis, Executive Creative Director, Google Creative Lab

What More Do You Want?


GOP Continues to Turn Its Back On The Unemployed

Efforts by the Senate to reach a compromise to extend unemployment insurance (UI) fell flat again today as Republicans voted against the 1.7 million Americans looking for work who have been cut off when the benefits lapsed in late December.

The bill, which fell a single vote short of the 60 needed to overcome a Republican filibuster, was a compromise on multiple accounts. First, it accommodated the Republican demand that it be reduced from a one-year to a three-month extension. Second, it was fully paid for–using an offset that Republicans have supported in the past and are currently considering in other legislation.


Now, to be fair, some Republicans aren’t just refusing to compromise–they would never vote to extend unemployment insurance in the first place. Yesterday, for example, Rep. Jeff Sessions (R-TX) said that “it is immoral for this country to have as a policy extending long-term unemployments (sic).” Two months ago, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) stated that extending the benefits beyond the prescribed 26 weeks does a “disservice to these workers.” (We remind the Senator that they are not “workers,” they are looking for work–and that’s the whole point.)

Whether it’s a refusal to compromise no matter what the other side offers, or a misguided ideological opposition, these elected officials are hurting struggling families and the economy overall. The beneficiaries of extended unemployment insurance are not lazy; they are caught in an economy where there is only one job opening for every three job seekers. And they are contending with a job climate in which economists have shown that in the eyes of employers, being out of work for over nine months is the same as losing four years of job experience. State economies have lost an estimated $2.2 billion since the extension lapsed in late December.

BOTTOM LINE: Shame on Senate Republicans for once again refusing to extend unemployment insurance benefits. Not only are they denying a lifeline to millions of struggling families, they are hurting their own state economies to the tune of billions of dollars. That’s immoral–and irrational.

Cheryl Stumbo, Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Would you joke about murdering your mother?

In front of a victim of gun violence?

In 2006, I was shot in the abdomen in my workplace — the Jewish Federation of Seattle — by a deeply troubled young man.

And I was lucky to have survived — one of my coworkers did not. Since that fateful day, I have fought through twenty surgeries, a coma, and months and months of PTSD therapy. But I will never be the same.

I don’t know if you had the chance to follow the hearing about gun safety in Olympia last Wedn‌esday — but I went to testify in favor of I-594. The hate and rancor directed towards me and other victims of gun violence by the gun lobby — not to mention by a few of our state senators — was deeply hurtful and appalling.

Brian Judy, a gun lobbyist, noted that I-594 wouldn’t have stopped Newtown’s Adam Lanza from taking his mother’s gun and then turning it on her. He even joked, “I think that [one] was the ‘murder your mom’ loophole.”

In their mocking, both he and state Senator Steve O’Ban chuckled.

Would you joke about someone murdering their mother and then killing twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary?

Well, I wouldn’t. If you wouldn’t either, add your name to my petition demanding an explanation for their outrageous behavior from state Senate leadership.

Then there was Senator Roach, who has been told to seek counseling for threatening her employees and even brandishing a handgun at one. She did everything possible to degrade the testimony of myself and other survivors, and to question our motives. Why shouldn’t I want legislation that would prevent the kind of everyday gun violence that threatens our communities, even if I-594 would not have stopped the gunman who shot me?

I know at a personal and profound level the damage that gun violence does — and Republicans in the state Senate, as well as lobbyist Brian Judy, would prefer I stay silent.

Senator Roach went on, “it’s nice to have women testify, but I don’t give much to gender on these kinds of things and it’s easy to push forward the women, and the helpless, and victims, and this is how I feel … but I don’t agree with what is going on here.”

She did not like being face-to-face with the results of the irresponsible gun policies she fights so hard to uphold.

If you’re fed up with this kind of callous disregard towards victims of gun violence, add your name to my petition demanding an explanation from Senate leadership.

I’ll be delivering the signatures in person to the state Senate on Fr‌iday. Help me show them that they cannot get away with such offensive behavior.


Cheryl Stumbo Sponsor of I-594 Jewish Federation Survivor