Call the Charlottesville Police Department and demand justice #DROPTHECHARGES for Deandre NOW

DeAndre Harris was brutally beat by white supremacists in Charlottesville and is now facing felony charges. 

Commonwealth Attorney Warner D. Chapman must drop charges against DeAndre Harris now! 



DeAndre Harris, a young Black man, 20 years old, was brutally beaten by six white supremacists during the Charlottesville attacks in August. He is now being charged with felony charges of “unlawful wounding” by an accuser who Charlottesville police have yet to identify. The accuser, who is believed to be a member of a white supremacist group, is using this charge as a form of retaliation against DeAndre Harris.

DeAndre Harris, a victim, is being charged with a crime, while the white supremacists who beat him until he was bloody remain free.

The white supremacist rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia in August is another painful and ugly stain in the U.S. It is a constant reminder that white violence and the vicious attacks on Black folks are seen as a common practice with no accountability. With a White House led by Trump and Sessions who promote and push an agenda that criminalizes and silences Black communities and communities of color, it’s no surprise right-wing, white supremacists are emboldened to act violently. When Trump referred to the attacks in Charlottesville, he said “there is blame on both sides”. By pressing charges against DeAndre Harris, the Commonwealth’s Attorney is both agreeing with and supporting Trump’s racist statements. The Commonwealth’s Attorney is choosing to blame and press charges against people on “both sides”. However, there is only one side that is guilty here– and that’s the white supremacists and klansmen who were in Charlottesville holding tiki torches, chanting racist antics, and running cars into crowds of people.

Join us in demanding that Commonwealth Attorney Warner D. Chapman immediately drop all charges against DeAndre Harris.

The accuser is saying that Harris instigated the fight. However, video footage clearly shows differently. Harris was actually attacked after police dispersed the August 12th white nationalist rally. Our communities deserve justice. The criminal justice system continues to lock up and kill Black people at alarming rates without impunity. Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Warner D. Chapman must do the right thing and drop the charges. As the chief law enforcement officer, it is vital that he uses his leadership to heal communities inflicted by this violence in Charlottesville.

This morning, DeAndre turned himself in to the Charlottesville Police Department and was released. This means that we still have time to get his charges dropped, we need your support now to make sure all charges are dropped before a court date is scheduled. 

We all need to stand up together in order to get these charges dropped immediately.

Sign the petition.

Until justice is real,

Rashad, Arisha, Scott, Kristen, Clarise, Anay, Enchanta, Malaya,Katrese, and the rest of the Color Of Change team

2017 Election Calendar and Results: 7 Special Congressional and State Elections

NOV. 7 
Utah Special House Election
To replace Jason Chaffetz, who resigned from Congress on June 30, in the Third Congressional District.
New Jersey
Governor, state legislature and mayor
Governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and state legislature
New York
New York City mayor, city council and municipal offices. Statewide referendum.
Statewide questions
Statewide ballot measure
Atlanta mayor

Media framing of Las Vegas shooter shows the bias in how violence perpetrated by whites is covered

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White Supremacy in the White House ~ Donna De La Cruz, Reform Immigration FOR America

Reform Immigration FOR America


The White House just released a list of “immigration principles and policies,” the foundation for Trump’s plans for immigrants in the United States, and it’s sickening. It reads like a white supremacist wish list, demonizing immigrants and attacking communities of color.

Trump keeps pushing a white supremacist agenda, and we need to fight him every step of the way. Call the White House comment line at 888-907-5441 and tell them that Trump’s attacks on immigrants are unacceptable.

At a moment when Trump should be working with Congress to secure protections for 800,000 young Americans at risk of losing their DACA status after he terminated the program, here’s what Trump is doing instead:

  • Demanding money to build his expensive and ineffective border wall.
  • Demanding money to hire 10,000 more ICE agents who will ramp up detentions and deportations that tear families apart.
  • Attacking the sanctuary cities that protect the members of their communities, harshly penalizing them if they don’t comply with his new rules.
  • Cracking down on the undocumented workers that help revitalize America’s economy (while he, his children, and other wealthy CEOs continue to ship good jobs overseas).

Trump doesn’t care about the real contributions immigrants make to our economy, and he doesn’t care about the families and communities he’s destroying with his harsh enforcement practices. But we won’t let him do this. And if we stand together, we will win, because love will always triumph over hate.

Let’s flood the White House comment line today. Call 888-907-5441 and tell Trump that you reject his principles of hate.

Thanks for taking action,

Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America