“I’m definitely going to need taking care of in my retirement, just like everyone else”

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“I’ve been working as a nanny in Seattle for about two years. I enjoy being a nanny because I enjoy working with children and becoming a part of a family outside of my own — it can be demanding at times but it’s never boring. Unfortunately, the job doesn’t come with any retirement benefits.

But I’m definitely going to need taking care of in retirement, just like everyone else. That’s why I’m organizing with my fellow nannies for higher standards and better benefits in our industry…”

— Ty Messiah, a leader with the Seattle Domestic Workers Alliance

Dear Friends,

Have you ever worked as a nanny or other type of domestic worker? Ever hired one? Then we want to hear from you! Check out what Seattle nanny Ty Messiah had to say in The Stranger about why she’s organizing with her fellow nannies and other domestic workers for higher standards and better benefits in the industry, and then let us know what you think.


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$1.2 billion in public money… for Amazon? workingwa.org

We are Working Washington

Are you an Amazon worker or an Amazon customer? Let us know what you think about one of the biggest and richest companies around getting more than $1 billion in public money — and then asking for even more.

Did you see this?

Researchers recently totaled up all the public money Amazon has already received for all their different facilities across the country.

It adds up to $1.2 billion.

In public money.

For a multi-billion-dollar company that’s owned by one of the richest people in the world.

And that’s before this whole HQ2 thing, which is totally taking it to the next level. They’re actually making different cities publicly compete against other on how much they’re willing to offer to be considered as the site of the company’s new second headquarters.

Amazon subsidies

Research & map via Puget Sound Business Journal; scroll down for source.

Now sure, different people can have different opinions about the different good and bad impacts of Amazon on places where they do business and on the economy as a whole — and that’s a good thing! We like to see healthy conversation about the different forces at work in our changing economy.

But no matter what you think about all that, here’s one thing that maybe we can all agree on: multi-billion-dollar companies shouldn’t get multi-million-dollar subsidies just for setting up shop.

Where are you coming from on this issue?

Amazon isn’t just any corporate giant — they’re based right here in our state. That’s why we know the company has done some positive things, like creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs in Seattle, fighting the Trump administration’s travel ban, and implementing a company-wide paid family leave policy that covers warehouse workers and corporate staff too.

It’s also why we’ve worked to hold them accountable, from winning better conditions in their distribution centers, to moving them to stop funding right-wing policy shop ALEC, to standing up for the rights of the security officers who work at the company’s headquarters.

And it’s also why we know there are plenty of people who work at Amazon who are right here with us on all this stuff too.

So no matter where you work and no matter where you shop, we want to hear what you think about billions in public money for Amazon — take our quick survey at this link here.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Working Washington

Source: Tracking Amazon’s rapidly expanding footprint, Business Journals, October 11, 2017