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Us and Them: Affected Peoples vs. Chevron in Canada ~ by Amazon Watch

The latest chapter in the decades-long struggle seeking justice for Chevron’s crimes in Ecuador is taking place in Canada right now. Unfortunately, as the years grind by the issues being debated get further and further away from the substantive problems of environmental contamination and human suffering, and the process becomes stuck in a legal quicksand of Chevron’s design. The hearings before the Ontario Court of Appeals this week were a perfect example of that.

Amazon Watch continues to bear witness to this ongoing perversion of justice, both because we ourselves are a target of Chevron’s attacks, and also because the cynical strategy the oil giant employs is a real and present danger to corporate accountability work everywhere. For that reason we attended the hearings in Toronto this week along with artist and activist Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd. Waters spoke to the media to express his outrage at Chevron’s endless legal maneuvers to escape justice for its crimes.

“It’s a fundamental question of whether corporations like Chevron … should be allowed to use their financial muscle to destroy people with an absolutely vital claim to reparations for damages that were caused to them over many years,” Waters said before the hearing. “The way Chevron has behaved here is against everything that any of us might believe society ought to be like.”