a message from James Petty ~ Make Mike Pence Pay Back The Money He Wasted

James Petty just started a petition to House Oversight Committee demanding they

“Make Pence Pay The Money He Wasted Targeting Black Athletes Back”

Black people pay taxes too, we shouldn't have our money used to deny our rights!

Dear Friends

I just started a petition to the House Oversight Committee demanding they Make Pence Pay The Money He Wasted Targeting Black Athletes Back

On Sunday, Mike Pence spent an estimated $200,000 American tax dollars to stage a fake protest against athletes who chose to #TakeTheKnee. He flew from Indianapolis to Las Vegas, where the city and state spent thousands providing him security–only to use the game as an opportunity to instigate hatred against Black football players exercising their first amendment rights. The cynicism of this publicity stunt is punctuated by Pence telling his media detail not to move because they wouldn’t be staying at the game, his scheduled flight to California being set before he “protested” players kneeling, and Trump’s tweet where he boasted of setting the entire thing up beforehand directing Mike Pence to walk out of the gameFeigning respect for the military and veterans as his cause, Pence spent thousands of our dollars on a cheap political stunt instead of directing that money towards services that would actually benefit the people who served and need help.

Tell the House Oversight Committee to make Mike Pence pay back the $200K he wasted into the United States Department of Veteran Affairs!

This gross misuse of tax money to target Black players and Black protest falls into a long and deliberate pattern where the very money Black people pay in taxes is then used directly against them. Every dollar spent by Pence on this poorly thought out publicity stunt is one less dollar spent on improving schools, roads, and providing jobs. Every dollar spent on attacking Black protest is a dollar that could have been used to change our criminal justice system or voting system. If Mike Pence wants to demonstrate his love for veterans he would have written a check for the amount he’s wasted grandstanding towards helping Black veterans as they return to the states.

Under Jim Crow, Black tax dollars were used to maintain institutions we couldn’t utilize, now they’re also being used for shameful political attacks too. Make sure the House Oversight Committee acts!

We will no longer allow public money, our money, Black money to be used to oppress Black people. Pence’s trip to Indianapolis was a gross misuse of funds made worse so because the money was used for the express purpose of attacking the First Amendment rights of Black people. The House Oversight Committee should make Mike Pence return every cent to the people, or donate an equal amount towards helping Black veterans.

Join us if you want the House Oversight Committee to make Mike Pence pay the money back now!

Thank you,

James Petty

how WA can get benefits & better wages in the gig economy ~ workingwa.org

We are Working Washington

You’ve heard about the “gig economy,” right? It refers to the new model of work where apps like Instacart, Lyft, Uber, Postmates — and dozens more — hire workers for on-demand services. Gig economy work can include on-demand drivers, delivery people, home cleaners, child care workers…and just about any other service you can think of.

The Center for American Progress has just released a report about workers’ rights in the gig economy, and it’s a big step in making sure gig workers are included in the national conversation about workers’ rights!

It’s linked below if you want to check out the full report, but here are the basics. The report explains that workers in the gig economy often don’t have access to the same benefits and protections that every worker needs because the companies choose to classify them as “independent contractors.” And it points out that contractors like gig workers increasingly say they desire both the flexibility of gig work AND needed benefits.

It also makes three basic recommendations for policies that cities & states can pass to protect gig economy workers:

  1. minimum wage that covers independent contractors.

  2. Creating a way for gig workers to access needed benefits (like health insurance, unemployment, and more).

  3. Creating a board that brings together workers, companies, & the government to set labor standards in the gig economy.

Now that you know a little bit about work in the gig economy, what do YOU think about these recommendations? Take our quick poll to let us know what you’re thinking!

Another cool piece of news that’s tied to this: WA is already hard at work on recommendation #2! WA State Rep. Monica Stonier has announced that she’s going to introduce a bill in the WA Legislature to give gig workers access to benefits.

That means WA could lead the way on workers’ rights in the gig economy — just like we’ve led the way on raising the minimum wage, making sure all workers have access to paid sick days and paid family leave, & more.

– Emily, Working WA