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Happy October from the National Museum of African American History & Culture! We wanted to share a few things with you that we think you’ll find exciting.

© Janette Beckman Salt N Pepa  “Hip-Hop’s history applies to all walks of life no matter where you’re from.” – 9th Wonder, hip-hop producer and scholar

The NMAAHC in collaboration with Smithsonian Folk Ways, the Smithsonian Institution’s record label, has launched a Kickstarter. Help make #HipHopHistory with a landmark collection of music, stunning visuals, and powerful stories collected in a 300-page book and 9 CDs.

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The U.S. Postal Service issued the “Celebrating African American History and Culture” commemorative Forever stamp during a dedication ceremony at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Hundreds gathered to celebrate the occasion, which coincides with the first anniversary of the Museum.

Check out the NMAAHC stamp on the USPS website!

The Little Rock Nine Reflections of the Little Rock Nine, 1957 – 2017

The Little Rock Nine was the name given to the nine students who bravely integrated
Little Rock’s Central High School in the fall of 1957. On September 26th, the Museum
honored the tremendous courage and sacrifice of those students and their families
60 years ago, acknowledging the great achievements in their careers.

Watch the panel discussion featuring the surviving members of the Little Rock Nine on our UStream channel!

 Lonnie Bunch Protests in sports aren’t new at all

Read an op-ed piece written by Lonnie Bunch and David Skorton. Lonnie Bunch is the founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. David Skorton is the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution.

Read it at the Washington Post.

 T-shirt of Eric Garner In an Era of Strife, Museums Collect History as It Happens

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is featured in this New York Timesarticle about collecting history.

Read it at the New York Times.

Senator vicki marble ~ she said it 8/2013 ~ Blacks eat too much chicken

little man(Great boy scout) was right! thank you sir for shining a light not only on this woman but speaking up and out on gun control issues …. Senator Marble,a Senator, representing CO.  supposedly a Public Servant, NOT what some might say … a racist needs to go  Please start your own chapter and continue your gun reform activism sir! ~ Nativegrl77

Vicki Marble: her bio: is a Republican member of the State of Colorado’s General Assembly. Additionally, Senator Marble is Chair of the Local Government Committee and Vice-Chair of the Education Committee. *wiki

Why We’re Suing the Trump Administration ~a reminder

It’s simple.   Birth control is health care. Discrimination is illegal. And we’re taking the administration to court.


instead of helping Puerto Rico or fighting gun violence, the Trump administration and leaders in Congress spent last week launching non-stop assaults on women and LGBTQ people. And We. Are. PISSED.


No, Seriously, #HandsOffMyBC
Last Friday — just two days after the House approved an appalling abortion ban – the Trump administration announced a callous attack on birth control access. Under the guise of “protecting religious liberty,” the administration issued two rules allowing virtually any employer with religious or moral objections to take birth control coverage away from their employees. These rules, which go into effect immediately, will leave countless people without the critical birth control coverage they need to protect their health and economic security. But this isn’t over — we’re going to fight back every way we can.

A Budget That Prioritizes Wealthy Few Over Working Families
On Thursday, the House passed a budget resolution that slashes programs and services that guarantee basic living standards for all Americans, paving the way for more tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and corporations. Now we need to ensure Senators hear from us so they don’t make the same mistake.

  • Join us and our partners to send a clear message to Congress: Protect working families by rejecting tax and budget policies that slash services we need to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.
  • Read more about how this tax and budget strategy would hurt women and families.

Resistance Must-Do’s

Resistance Must-Reads


We the Resistance is our fight to protect our rights and freedoms and to defend the most vulnerable among us through powerful collective action. Every conversation you have with a loved one about the issues important to you, every call you make to Congress, every rally you attend is a part of that resistance. Join us — sign on to the We The Resistance manifesto.