it’s not over … Aaron Burgess

NextGen America

Students, activists, and community leaders all showed up to speak out at the Environmental Protection Agency’s official listening session on the repeal of the Clean Power Plan.

After meeting these passionate speakers and seeing how many of you have already written comments, one thing is clear — this fight is far from over.

Can’t make it to a hearing? Submit a public comment to the EPA before it’s too late.

I’ll admit, this is an uphill battle. Scott Pruitt is intent on rolling back critical safeguards for our health, and he’ll do all in his power to poison our air and undermine climate action.

But we have power too. Hundreds of thousands of you have already flooded the EPA with public comments in support of the Clean Power Plan. If we keep up this fight, we can prove that people power can triumph over corporate polluters.


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Don’t let the Trump administration repeal the Clean Power Plan.

Add your voice to the fight for clean air. Sub

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Aaron Burgess
Advocacy Manager
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