Nancy Treviño, Reform Immigration FOR America

Reform Immigration FOR America

Census data is the basis for fair political representation and it is how the government is able to take a snapshot of our country’s demographics.  Last week, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross included a citizenship question in his 2020 Census questions submission to Congress. Why should you care?

Because, if included, this question could threaten people’s access to resources and vital programs they depend on. And a likely drop in participation in this critical survey could undermine representation of communities of color and immigrant communities that will have detrimental effects for generations to come.
Let’s break this down. First, this question is untested. The Census Bureau conducts careful, costly research and testing over many years to develop census questions. The citizenship question was added without any of these tests. Second, adding a citizenship question will cause panic for many immigrant communities and they will avoid the census for fear of being targeted by this administration. Third, census data is instrumental in determining congressional seats and the allocation of resources for community needs, such as funding for hospitals and schools. If participation plummets we will all be affected.
Remember, your efforts make a huge difference! We need your support as we fight against an administration that continues to undermine our democracy.
Thank you,
Nancy Treviño
Reform Immigration FOR America

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