Voter registration + turnout = historic midterm election

We don’t get a lot of sleep these days (thanks to the guy in the White House)… but here are some numbers keeping us up at night right now:

One in five. 40 percent. 435 and 35.

  • One in five eligible voters in the US isn’t registered to vote. (Are you? If not, what are you waiting for?!)
  • 40 percent of eligible voters sat out the 2016 election.
  • 435 House seats and 35 Senate seats are up for grabs (not to mention school boards, city councils, district attorney and judgeships, state houses, and governorships across the country).

All signs point to a historic midterm election with massive civic participation, but it won’t happen unless we do. the. work.

Just like we demystified Congress last year, we’re now demystifying voter registration and elections. Here’s our plan to help Indivisible groups register tens of thousands of new voters:

  1. Trainings (both virtual and in-person) and in-depth resources and toolkits on how to host voter registration events, register voters, and keep newly registered voters engaged all the way to election day.
  2. Ongoing support from our organizing staff from now until election day. They’ll give tips, tricks, and best practices of voter registration to group leaders. We’re doubling our organizing team in the next few weeks to make sure we can provide more hands-on support for the thousands of Indivisible groups across the country.
  3. Groups will soon be able to request a snazzy, customized TurboVote page, where they can register voters on a phone, tablet, or computer! And best of all? TurboVote is like a personal assistant for voting… which means the folks they register will get voting primary and general election reminders for elections in their area.
Now, here’s where you come in: we’ve secured a (real, live) matching donor (pinky swear) who’s really excited about registering more voters. They’re willing to match donations for this program, one-for-one. That means if you contribute $37 to fund our voter registration efforts from now until Election Day, your impact will be doubled!

Why are we investing in voter registration?

We know. You might not think of us as the go-to organization for voter registration. But just like our policy wonks demystified congress and gave our movement the tools to #resist on TrumpCare and the Tax Scam, our political team is ready to demystify elections and give Indivisibles the tools they need to build a massive civic engagement program from coast to coast.

One of those first (of many!) tools: everything Indivisibles need to register their communities to vote. And we have a strategy that aligns with our movement’s values:

➜ Growing civic participation in our communities: Voter registration will grow the electorate, strengthen our groups’ membership, and build this movement to last. Oh, and newly registered voters are waaaaaaaaaaymore likely to vote than the average voter.

➜ Reaching communities traditionally left behind: We’ll focus on registering voters who’ve been traditionally underrepresented in the political process — communities of color, students, and rural communities. Registering voters, and informing them of their rights, is crucial to fighting discriminatory laws like voter ID and shortened voting periods.

➜ Bucking conventional political wisdom: Voter registration in presidential elections is typically higher. But, as we’ve seen in special elections in Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania, people are energized. We believe know that November’s elections could be defined by unusually high-engagement… especially if we register more voters.

One of our greatest strengths as a movement is our reach — Indivisibles are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. And that’s why, if we invest in voter registration that aligns with our movement’s values, we know we’ll have a HUGE impact on this election.

We’re excited about this plan, and we’re ready to get to work. So, if you’re excited too, consider chipping in $37 (our average donation) to help fund our work to register tens of thousands of votersAnd your donation will be matched one-for-one!

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

What’s happening at NMAAHC in April!

Thank you so much for your support of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. December is another exciting month at the Museum!  Here are a few things happening now!

Overton WWII Smith

Oldest Living WWII Veteran Tours NMAAHC

Richard Overton, the oldest-living WWII Veteran, made a spontaneous visit to the Museum from his home in Austin, TX, thanks to NMAAHC founding donor,Robert Smith.

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Photo: Robert Smith and Richard Overton in Austin, TX on April 8, 2018. Photo courtesy of Laurel Strategies.
Walk-Up Wednesday

Walk-Up Wednesdays in April

There are two more Walk-Up Wednesdays left! Individuals who walk up without timed entry passes may enter the Museum on a first come, first served basis on April 18th and 25th. For more information on timed passes and Walk-Up Wednesdays, visit our Walk-Up Wednesdays web page.

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Photo: Museum visitors lined up at the NMAAHC on the first Walk-Up Wednesday, April 4, 2018.
Nike Equality

Leading by Example: The LBJ15 Equality Drawing Results

Last month, two NMAAHC founding donors, LeBron James and Nike, raffled 400 pairs of limited-edition Nike LeBron 15 “Equality” shoes to benefit the Museum.

The results are in! Over 600,000 people entered the raffle, raising over $450,000 to help us further explore, document, and showcase the African American story. Thank you for your generous support!

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Photo: Courtesy of Nike 
Webby Awards


This year, the Museum’s#HiddenHerstory social media campaign, which spotlights prominent African American women in history, was nominated for a People’s Voice Webby Award.

Cast your vote today and help us win!

Voting closes Thursday, April 19th.

#ElectBlackWomen ~ Arisha Michelle Hatch,

#VotingWhileBlack logo
It’s Time to #ElectBlackWomen!

2018 is the year we invest in Black women leaders who will fight for Black communities across the country


Dear Friends,

This year, 590 Black women are making game-changing decisions to run for office.1

In Georgia, Stacey Abrams is running a historic campaign to become the first Black woman elected governor in the United States. As the first woman in either political party to lead the Georgia General Assembly, Abrams has shown her ability to thrive as a leader. Not only does she have the credentials to serve as governor, Abrams vows to create real justice for Black people in Georgia through opposing money bail, committing to creating long-term, high wage jobs, and expanding access to affordable healthcare.2

Color Of Change PAC is working in 2018 to help elect inspiring Black women who care about the issues affecting Black people. Chip in $1 to help #ElectBlackWomen.

Black women from all walks of life have been fighting against white supremacy and injustices for decades. Yet, we rarely see them hold positions as powerful elected officials. In fact, Black women make up less than 5 percent of all Congress members, state legislatures, and statewide executive offices.3 And when they do hold these positions, other politicians, who are predominately white men, often belittle Black women’s expertise. This has happened to politicians like Rep. Maxine Waters4 and Senator Kamala Harris5, and we’ve had enough.

2018 is the year to support Black women’s brilliance and political power. Donate $1 to support our programs that win local elections for Black women running for office across the country.

At Color Of Change PAC, we’ve helped Black women win elections that create real change for Black people nationwide. Here are some of our past victories in 2016:

  • We helped Aramis Ayala become the first Black State Attorney in Florida
  • We helped elect Kimberly Gardner as the first Black Circuit Attorney in St. Louis County

This year, we’re supporting candidates in over 30 races across the country, including Satana Deberry’s run for District Attorney in Durham County, North Carolina.

Here’s our plan to get Black women elected, which your $1 donation can support:

  1. Hire local organizers who are deeply embedded in their communities to help us connect with people on the ground
  2. Host multiple events like #BlackJoyBrunches in each city, where we’ll educate people about why we need to transform criminal justice for Black people
  3. Train local community members in digital organizing skills, including how to use an innovative app that educates hundreds of thousands of Black voters on upcoming elections through simple text messages
  4. Run online ads that reach over 1 million people and bring their attention to the criminal justice issues at stake in their elections
  5. Win BIG for Black people on Election Day!

Color Of Change PAC believes in Black women’s political power, both when casting their votes and leading as elected officials. This year’s midterm elections can create a tipping point where we elect Black female leaders who will finally serve the Black people they represent.

Now is the time to trust Black women qualified for the job. Donating just $1 can help us get them elected as our new, transformative leaders.

— Until justice is real,

Arisha, Jenni, Hope, Shannon, Kwesi, Bhavik, Reagan, Scott, Daniel and the Color Of Change PAC team

Stop the Trump Administration from Putting Polluters Over People

Union of Concerned Scientists: Science for a healthy planet and safer world

Don’t allow the weakening of crucial regulations on methane pollution.

Tell the Trump administration that you will not stay silent while they allow oil and gas companies to recklessly emit global warming pollution on our public and tribal lands.

Stop the Trump Administration from Putting Polluters Over People

Dear Friend,

The Trump administration is on the precipice of undoing another one of our global warming wins in favor of a huge handout to the oil and gas industry.

Methane is an extremely potent global warming emission, and the largest source of these emissions is the oil and gas industry. Last year, some legislators in Congress attempted to nullify crucial rules put in place by the Obama administration that limit the amount of methane pollution that the oil and gas industry is allowed to vent, leak, and simply burn off (in a process called “flaring”) on America’s public and tribal lands.

Thanks to supporters like you calling your senators in protest of this dangerous move, we were able to convince senators on the fence to side with people over polluters and preserve the rules that hold oil and gas companies accountable.

But it seems like this public outrage and hard-fought win in the Senate weren’t enough to convince the Trump administration and the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Shortly after we protected the standards from congressional attacks, the Trump administration announced it would review them. Now, BLM has released a new proposal that significantly weakens current protections around methane emissions.

We can’t let them take this global warming victory away. Tell the Trump administration that you oppose any attempts at weakening crucial methane pollution standards!

If the Trump administration successfully weakens this rule, it would hinder our ability to hold the fossil fuels industry accountable, slow down our efforts to address climate change, cost taxpayers money, and put the health of communities at risk every day.

Anisha Mehta
Anisha Mehta
Outreach Coordinator
Clean Vehicles Program
Union of Concerned Scientists