It’s up to us to take the baton

Alliance for Gun Responsibility

Fifty years ago today, a gunman assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With one bullet, our nation lost its greatest exemplar of non-violence, moral courage and peaceful resistance.

King taught a generation – a country – the power of standing up, speaking out and demanding action when an injustice is laid bare.

And now, five decades after his death, it’s up to us to take the baton and right some of the same wrongs that still plague our country all these years later. That includes fighting for a world where all of our children feel safe from gun violence in their classrooms and communities, wherever they may be – from Parkland to Chicago to Sutherland Springs to Oakland.

we shouldn’t still be mourning the same kind of hate-fueled violence that King grieved over half a century ago. But as the number of Americans who die from gun violence continues to grow, it’s clear that we will still be mourning these senseless, preventable tragedies for another half-century unless all of us take action together to end this epidemic once and for all.

King told us it’s OK to be afraid as long as that fear doesn’t lead to inaction. Today, let’s honor his legacy by rededicating ourselves to stopping the kind of violence that ended his life 50 years ago this evening.

Renée Hopkins
Alliance for Gun Responsibility