Brazil: End the Amazon apocalypse!

Flames and heat, detail of Amazon rainforest burning,
The rainforest is burning at an alarming rate, NASA says. Brazil Photos/Getty Images

(Update August 22nd, 2019)
Right now, THOUSANDS of wildfires are burning down the Amazon, with black smoke plunging entire cities into darkness…

It’s frightening — but Avaaz has just delivered over a million voices to the Brazilian Congress, and this petition is going super viral! With the fires out of control, Brazil’s government has come under massive pressure to act — let’s use this moment to make sure they do. Sign and share with everyone now!

It’s horrifying — in the past year, an area the size of 500,000 soccer fields has been destroyed in the Amazon! Nearly half a BILLION trees torn down and gone… forever.

This is how they do it: armed militia swarm into protected areas, and indigenous leaders who stand up to them are murdered. There’s even stories of planes dropping gasoline to start massive forest fires. And Brazil’s far-right President Bolsonaro is making it even worse by stripping the Amazon of its remaining protections!

Right now, Amazon champions in Brazil’s Congress are considering sweeping new protections for the precious rainforest. And indigenous groups are calling for international support to ramp up pressure to defend their home.

Let’s build a massive call of citizens from around the world to protect the forest — when it’s huge, allies will deliver our voices to Congress in each key moment to silence the chainsaws and stop this Amazon apocalypse!

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