Save the Lion King and the Circle of Life!

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It’s horrific — teeth and claws are being ripped from majestic lions and smuggled for jewelery. In a generation or two lions could be completely wiped out — along with elephants, rhinos, and giraffes.

But an amazing new idea championed by the UN could finally unlock the funds to save them…

They’re pushing massive companies like Disney, whose new Lion King film just made over a BILLION dollars at the box office, to give just a small fraction of the money they spend on animal adverts to wildlife projects. Because they spend so much, it could help save these incredible creatures from extinction! And if Disney takes the lead, other major advertisers like Netflix, Google and more will likely follow suit.

They’re deciding right now whether to join — so let’s create a massive show of public support to persuade Disney’s CEO, and flood his social media just before the UN’s official Lion’s Share launch in September! Every signature can help unlock thousands of dollars for threatened species.

Posted: 20 August  2019