tea party, birthers and the misinformation re: voting

The struggle continues…

I don’t know about you but these days, the chaos before during and even after the era of trump, I continue to think Election2010 and how the Tea Party shoved our Govt into an express elevator that took us back in time, though we were warned no one seemed to take any of it very seriously.

I have always voted during midterms & national elections via mail so suppression here in Washington is less likely to happen though they did cut eight days from early voting once & voters screamed. Now, that the era of trump though only four years is over, unfortunately, this administration went into what appears to be White is more Right mode and made it possible for discrimination in all it’s forms to function as long as the right people are legislating it carefully and or blatantly enough … Those of us under “Protective Classes” are beginning to lose rights in several states…

The struggle continues and our voices are needed now more than ever.

Now, at least in Washington State they are trying to expand voting options.

#MidtermsMatters and #SpecialElections

Unfortunately, the NEW Jim Crow South ideology will always be tough, but our Youth can and must be part of the change we all need by voting in HUGE numbers, stay inline and mobilize around qualified democrats on the local &national elections.

We need to rise up against suppression … Women, POC, Students, Seniors, Gays and Immigrants and vote so students can finish school without the fear that Republicans love to engage in

~ Nativegrl77