Hugh Espey, Iowa CCI

Demand change at Wells Fargo

Breaking news: With an impending 1 billion dollar fine for repeatedly defrauding their own customers, Wells Fargo is officially America’s worst bank.

It’s time to clean house, starting with firing Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan and the board of directors who have presided over scandal after scandal. Sign our petition if you agree.

Wells Fargo is guilty of the country’s worst consumer abuses. They need to divest from harmful industries, stop predatory and discriminatory lending, and start putting people and planet first.

Instead, Wells Fargo rigged the economy and put their executives and shareholders first.

We are delivering this petition to Wells Fargo at their annual shareholder meeting next Tuesday in Iowa. Sign our petition to Wells Fargo and demand that they:

The Wells Fargo board of directors and CEO have presided over an endless stream of scandals. Most recently they opened 3.5 million accounts in customers’ names without telling them! When they got caught they fired bank employees instead of executives.

Here in Iowa, we are no strangers to Wells Fargo. They have foreclosed on family farms and ripped off account holders.

Last year in Iowa, members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, an affiliate of People’s Action, literally stood in the way of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We faced arrest to support Native rights and oppose dangerous pipelines financed by Wells Fargo and their buddies.

The bank engages in predatory lending, tax dodging, and endless consumer fraud scandals. Bank workers have been fired and retaliated against for speaking up. It’s time for responsible governance and that means cleaning house at Wells Fargo.