Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda

It’s International Workers’ WEEK For #TeamTeresa!

Every year, on May 1st, workers around the world celebrate International Workers’ Day, commemorating those who stood up to demand their rights in Chicago’s Haymarket Square in 1886. In the face of violence against those seeking to collectively bargain for common-sense safety measures and a fair wage, workers stood up and continued to take action.

Here in Seattle, workers have stood up and formed unions, day-labor organizations and demanded change.  We’ve led on labor standards that have been replicated across the country – from Paid Sick and Safe Time, to the $15 Minimum Wage to creating a groundbreaking Office of Labor Standards.

Next week, in honor of International Workers’ Day, I am honoring my Labor roots, and continuing to bring the Labor Movement to City Hall for #LaborWeek! My office is hosting some community events and joining others organized by our community to celebrate, build upon, and uplift the Labor movement’s achievements, and I hope that you’ll join me!

Check out these events, and mark your calendar!

Monday April 30th

@Washington State Labor Council (321 16th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144) (6:30PM-8:30PM)

Join Councilmember Mosqueda for an evening of visioning and community building. The event will be focusing on what a just world for workers truly looks like. This means envisioning an ideal world where workers are respected, have all their needs met, and can thrive. We want to vision around what that would look like and what we need to do to accomplish it. We will also have video participation from national worker organizations talking about their work and their vision!

Thursday May 3rd

@Centilia Cultural Center (1660 S Roberto Maestas Festival St, Seattle, WA 98144)

Didn’t get a chance to watch Dolores yet? Join Councilmember Mosqueda for a FREE community screening of Dolores in celebration of International Workers Day and #LaborWeek! We will have fun activities and amazing food vendors. Bring your kiddos and celebrate all that we have accomplished in the Labor movement!

Saturday May 5th

@Greenwood Library, Main Meeting Room, 8016 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103 (10AM)

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda will continue the listening series to hear what you would like to see as part of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Our goal is to ensure that the people who take care of our kiddos as nannies, care for our elders as long-term care providers, and care for our homes as housekeepers, are extended the same common-sense labor protections that most other workers in Seattle have, and that employers can have their needs met as well.

In Solidarity,
Teresa Mosqueda
Seattle City Council Councilmember, Position 8