the House … the Senate led by moscow mitch

I have decided to end the coverage of Congress… when if  unless until and hopefully sooner rather than later comes back for the People of the US of A … what we have imo is an illegitimate government with the face of leadership bending over grabbing their ankles to change Not only the Norms, Rule of Law, Regular Order and or the congressional protocols but OUR Constitution was at risk on 1/20 now it is in crisis while moc put their heads down hoping praying to keep their seats until election season is over … Our government Our Constitution Our Norms policies procedures protocols are far from perfect but We are NOT a Kakistocracy though if you a even listening or watching who is being put into seats of power would admit we are already suffering. This guy in charge seems to want Autocracy  or as wiki states …  with absolute autocratic power over the state and government — for example, the right to rule by decree, promulgate laws, and impose punishments. … This is NOT an America anyone wants to experience for long … 2.5yrs is long enough imo

Vote for the democratic party to end this era of trump … clean up the Senate and ask the republican members why they support trump what flag are they flying?

~ Nativegrl77