mis-information …?7/2

tough to listen to the info from diane diamond and dan abrams interview … just heard gloria allered saying things… all upsetting for me

hope the family is ready because the fans are supporting MJ’s wishes and his MOM …

DNA does not always matter and

as a mom… having NO contact at all with these kids over the years does matter … this is  a NO-brain-er … how could any mom do such a thing? and try and come back

misinformation… misunderstood … just speculation? and maybe not intentional but it sounded as if these two were pushing for action on the part of debbie rowe … this is a woman who is on tape stating they were a gift to MJ … if the tapes are viewed i believe she chose not to be involved …  contrary to what was being said … blood does not always count … what does count is what is best for the kids … and that may not be a woman who may have called herself only a vessel …

MJ’s mom already has established a relationship with his kids … and this jackson family trust could mean other family members… which, there are quite a few…

the hits just keep coming …  comments inferring his mom is not capable of caring for them are disturbing to say the least … isn’t that defamation of character?

this panel?  and other cable stations have been making comments that sound like MJ’s mom hadn’t met his kids before his death … was not only old, but decrepit and not worthy of caring for them … disgusting

credibility? … MEDIA

as this family tries to mourn their son … we continue to hear the various news stations continue to try and find the controversial story …some seem to be saying others are to blame that they have guidelines … maybe those guidelines are out dated… it’s clear “people” are not just popping out of the woodwork they are being sought …

(the innuendos)  being made by the Media  and the many players of cable news … when does your opinion cross the line ?

you all seem to be out of control

id call for a boycott but  millions are watching … this crap

tv stations are running around trying to get enough heresay info to keep the coverage going … isn’t anyone from the Jackson camp monitoring this stuff?

what creditials are needed to be an investigative journalist/reporter?

don’t most people qualified to do investigations have actual college credits? what is an investigative reporter  do they hold degrees in investigations? having worked for a non-profit… all investigators were college trained with degrees …  is it his job or the job of anyone else? seems like media coverage out of control .. is it over the edge… could it be slander? defamation of character? station after station … gotta say i was proud of londell … the news community needs to be warned … and that’s my opinion

and who is buying the comment made by diane diamond about speaking ill of the dead?

… what’s going on on cable news?

and as tv viewers what can we do? we sit listen to the continual bombarding of negative news … that poor family

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anderson Hays Cooper (born June 3, 1967) is an American journalist, author, and a television personality. He currently works as the primary anchor of the CNN news show Anderson Cooper 360°.

is it really his job to investigate? or is it to report the news because that definitely is not what is going on.

is anyone else upset these tv personalities are saying they have the facts … do they really?

media bait …

is it obvious or what ?  Media bait … truths or something else?

the media, leveling some terrible things against MJ,   the mothers of MJ’s children  and any potential players regarding the Will, the money and land. the somewhat group Media effort  to bait all parties involved has begun … the best way to handle this … is to stay quiet …

reports of MJ being laid to rest at neverland is not somewhere i would have guessed … i watched a video once of  MJ stating he would never go back there … the interviewer asked him twice and he was adament …he will never go back there … with no disrespect and possible mis-information on my part but that just seems to be a place of un-rest and terrible memories

gossip, news or something else?

did anyone ask for …HLN, CNN, MSNBC, larry king, tmz,  extra or access hollywood to investigate?    new or old information

you gotta ask yourself as a tv viewer if the Jackson family cleared or gave permission to anyone  for anything that is being said on tv …

janet stated the family chose her  to speak for them that night …

one station said people were acting irrational

and though mJ may have lived a life many disapproved of,  it was not his whole life, he was also the child of a living mother,  living father with sisters and brothers … but the Media has treated the whole family like they don’t exist …  do they have Legal recourse for the various comments that could be considered on the edge of being much more than just  opinions being made by reporters, journalist or commentators etc. ?

wondering how the Jackson Family feels about the various  investigations being done by the various so-called cable news stations. lawyers, child counselors… they don’t seem to care what they say, who they question and if i didn’t know any better most of them feel it’s their duty, act like they were hired to not only investigate but try and convict the various family, friends and anyone in between…       some are analyzing  every word and movement made by every individual family member and their body language. … why bother talking to them right?

it doesn’t matter who is holding these side shows or if the performers are …Black or White reporters … i am offended … so called panels and those with titles behind their names it doesn’t matter …  the Media is out of control, definitely have no respect for the family and hopefully the public sees that and waits for the Jackson Family to tell their own story … a story others seem to think they know better

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